Malic Acid 400g

  • Malic Acid occurs naturally in all fruits, but its refreshing flavour is most prominent in juicy green apples where it accounts for over 95% of the total acids. An organic compound with low molecular weight it is highly soluble and blends well with other ingredients adding a clean sour note to highlight fruit flavours in confections.
  • It has a lower melting point than other acids so will incorporate well into hot sugars. Malic Acid has a mellow, smooth and persistent sourness “which makes it ideal for “sour seasoning” a dish allowing other flavours to be highlighted by process of “increased flavour sensing by amplified contrast”.
  • Malic (& other acids) can both speed flavour perception & the impact intensity of savoury & sweet flavours. A pinch of malic acid can enhance apple preparations from apple puree to sorbet as a “seasoning” addition.
Nutritional Information

Not a source of nutritional value.


Ingredients: Malic Acid


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