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CRAIC Foods is a small group of food dreamers and culinary professionals who are happiest when innovating. Known for occasionally challenging the norm, we are always on the quest for new ingredients, flavours and textures that inspire, excite, and maybe even provoke. We have gained a small reputation for pushing culinary boundaries but believe we can only do so by understanding where they lie. Never forgetting the greatest ingredient is restraint, and that simplicity can often be a step closer to perfection.

This Month's Featured Products

Saucisson - Garlic & Black Pepper Salami

Saucisson Sec is the most classic of air dried cured sausages. Seasoned with sea salt, black pepper and garlic. The sausages are filled into beef sausages casings before being fermented and air dried. 2 star winner in the Great Taste Awards & Gold medal and runner up best salami in […]
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Slap Sauce 280g

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds! The much anticipated creation from the UKs biggest food blogger the 'Food Review Club' is finally here! This revolutionary sauce is so versatile, it'll make your kitchen sing with joy. Sweet, crisp, and warm, it's like a flavour explosion in your mouth. Slather it on your burgers, drizzle it on salads, or dip your fries shamelessly.
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Blackfire - Belfastard Hot sauce 105ml

Belfastard with Carolina Reapers. What’s in a name? Well, this says it all. Red pepper & a generous lashing of Carolina Reapers, the world’s hottest chilli, with the fruity flavour of the Ancho chilli married with Armagh apple cider vinegar.
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Pickled Sour Cherries in Sweet Cherry Vinegar 150g

These Blás na hEireann silver award pickles are ready to serve straight from the jar these piquant whole fruits are a great accompaniment to cheese & charcuterie, pate, terrines, cold & smoked meats, or rillettes. To serve warm heat gently with a little reduced stock & whisk in some cold […]
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Irish Black Butter 225g

"A great new taste of Ireland", Irish black butter is made using Northern Irelands indigenous PGI status Armagh Bramley apple, Armagh cider, brandy and a blend of spices. 3 Star Great Taste Award winner 2019 & Blás na hÉireann Chefs Choice 2019. A diary free, spreadable, spiced apple conserve, ready […]
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Black Garlic & Porcini Sea Salt 70g

An award-winning combination of slow aged black garlic, sea salt & wild porcini mushroom. “Umami fairy dust” finishing seasoning for any dish. Use at the end of cooking or as a table salt. Sprinkle on a rested steak, pork poultry, seafood, salads, pasta, vegetables or anywhere where you would traditionally […]
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