Recipe Ideas

Carrageenan Iota

Carrageenan Iota is a gelling and thickening agent extracted from seaweed. It is soluble in cold water and can create a soft gel that can be broken and reformed. When used in milk-based products, the gels made with Carrageenan are firmer and more flexible due to the higher presence of […]

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Black Garlic Miso Broth

Warm, comforting and savoury with flavour bites in every spoonful this is a super quick and healthy pick me up whatever the weather. Our simple recipe omits the classic bonito flakes or dashi for a vegetarian-friendly bowl, but feel free to customise with whatever ingredients take your fancy, be that […]

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Irish Black Butter Iced Mocha

Simple and refreshing with a salted caramel twist, a perfect cool down to sip in hot weather. Ingredients: For two highball glasses: Method:

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Pectin Powder for Jam Setting

The amount of pectin required for setting a jam is dependent on the quantities of natural pectin already available in the fruit used, the acidity levels (pH) & the amount of sugar. For example, in a standard recipe of equal quantities fruit to sugar, plums will need approx.0.2% pectin to […]

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