Ultratex – Instant Thickener 350g

  • Ultratex is an easy to use high performance tasteless & colourless powdered thickening starch for both hot & cold preparations. It is freeze-thaw stable & gluten-free.
  • Simply gradually whisk or blend Ultratex into a liquid until you have the desired consistency, Ultratex can be premixed with other dry ingredients (sugars, salts etc.) first if desired
  • 1-4% of Ultratex is usual for general thickening; however, just add more to make thicker gels & sauces.
  • Ultratex is “pregelatinised” meaning it has previously been exposed to liquid & then dehydrated again this makes it easier to incorporate into liquids that traditional starches.
  • Ultratex adds texture without flavour, unlike traditional starches, it doesn’t need to be cooked out, it has no starchy mouthfeel & thickened liquids are smooth, creamy & glossy.
  • Ultratex is the perfect instant thickener for: Stocks & jus - no need to over reduce a jus just to get the required viscosity, when the flavour is good just whisk in enough Ultratex to give the desired thickness
  • Sauces: Ultratex will thicken acidic (wine/vinegar reductions), tomato & dairy-based sauces
  • Purees: a small addition will prevent the leeching of liquids from purees of vegetables
  • Fruit coulis: easily & quickly thickens fruit purees & juices to make palatable fluid gels.
  • Ultratex thickened liquids can also be spread onto a slip-mat & dehydrated to make tuile or shards or can be frozen to make sheets that can then be heated (usually grilled or blow torched) onto a plated dish.
Nutritional Information

Not a source of nutritional value.


Ingredients: Ultratex


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