Armagh cider chorizo & chilli snacking salami

Awarded gold in Blas na hÉireann 2019. Our cider infused chorizo salami sticks are fast gaining a reputation as the perfect accompaniment to a pint of beer or as a perfect snack.

They are based on our chorizo recipe, with the addition of craft cider from County Armagh and quality smoked Pimenton De La Vera Spanish paprika.

Slightly acidic tasting from the fermentation with the sweetness of the cider and a light smoke flavour make this one of the best chorizos you will ever taste. Watch out for the chilli tickle!

Comes in packs of 4 half length sticks. Minimum weight 35g

Nutritional Information
Typical values per 100g
Energy 1538kJ/367Kcal
Fat 23.3g
Of which saturates 8.97g
Carbohydrates 2g
Of which sugars 0.5g
Fibre 0g
Salt 5g

Ingredients: (coppa) pork, sea salt, dextrose, smoked paprika, spices, Armagh cider, preservatives (sodium citrate, sodium nitrate) Made from 135g pork per 100g chorizo.

Allergens: Sulphites.


In stock

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