Soya Lecithin Powder 300g

  • Soy lecithin is a natural plant-based refined powder (suitable for vegan diets), which is soluble in cold liquids.
  • It has strong emulsifying properties that make it the ideal product for converting juices & light liquids into airs.
  • A 4% addition of lecithin is usually all that is required to stabilise liquid airs, excessive additions of lecithin will not add more foam but reduce the air content, lecithin will not aerate oils.
  • Lecithin can emulsify otherwise impossible sauce combinations of liquids & oils. It is one of the natural egg phospholipids which enable fat & water to combine in mayonnaise & is the emulsifier in chocolate confectionery where it stops the chocolate & cocoa butter from separating.
Nutritional Information
Typical values per 100g
Energy 2930kJ/701Kcal
Fat 69.8g
Of which saturates 17.0g
Carbohydrates 18.2g
Of which sugars trace
Protein trace
Salt trace

Soy lecithin powder (de-oiled)

Allergy advice; may contain residual soy protein.


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